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Interview With AK9 [EDM Sauce Exclusive]

Today we have had the great pleasure of talking with DUSTLA's artist AK9 (aka Artur Kurzynski). About a decade ago, Artur was introduced to production by his uncle. His uncle showed him a very commonly known DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) “Fruity Loops” which is also used by artists such as Avicii, Deadmau5, Porter Robinson, and Madeon. As his understanding grew and his passion became stronger, AK9 made a name for himself and has been gifting us with music ever since.

EDM Sauce: Let's start with this, you have a new single coming out.

AK9: Yes, ‘God' on DUSTLA Unlocked. It will come out on the 30th of September (on Monday) and its a trap track. I think it's one of my best to be honest and I'm really, really happy to get it released on DUSTLA. It's a trap track that starts with high pitched Synth cuts. Then the 808's that are very distinct for trap kicks in.

Artur continued to explain to us that the track had three drops in the track. The first drop is a very noticeable trap drop. Second, a fast bass drop infused with hardstyle. This second drop incorporates the pounding kicks in hardstyle and makes the listener want to jump. Third, is a mixture of the first two drops to infuse the trap elements with the hardstyle and electro portions as well.

EDM Sauce: What sets this track apart from your others?

AK9: The thing that makes it different and unique is that I don't make trap that often. I usually focus on the hard drop like [in] dubstep, drum and bass, or electro. That for sure makes it different from the other things that I do. This one doesn't contain any hard basses so it is very distinct and different from my usual work.

EDM Sauce: Something I (Bruce Genovese) like to ask artists is ‘What was your reaction when you realized people liked your music and started to dowload and buy it?'

AK9: I was really amazed that some people take the time to find my music and listen to it. When people first started taking an interest in my tracks I was like, ‘Oh my God, is this really happening?' and it was a shock for me.

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EDM Sauce: Do you have any tracks you are working on that you can give us a little light on?

AK9: Well I am working on ‘The Furtherlands EP' that will come out on DUSTLA. It will be a five track EP and it will be 110 electro, usual electro, some dubstep, and drum and bass as well.

Let's go on a side note from this interview for a second. We were given an exclusive opportunity here at EDM Sauce to get a first preview to a track he just finished on Thursday the 26th. The track is titled ‘Hot Pursuit' and will be featured on ‘The Furtherlands EP.' This track is very impressive with powerful kick drums and booming bass. This track is a must listen upon it's release!

We would like to thank the kind folks over at DUSTLA and AK9 for allowing us this opportunity. Check out some other great tracks by Artur below and make sure to stop by the new EDM Sauce Online Store!

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