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afrojack rip off
afrojack rip off

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Afrojack Accused Of Ripping ‘Jack Dat Body’ For His New Single

Right after we left behind the story about ripping of Mat Zo's track “Let's Go”, there is a new scandal that has risen. A couple of days ago Koda accused Afrojack for stealing Black Tiger Sex Machine & Dabin‘s track “Jack Dat Body” released on Kannibalen Records for his upcoming single called “Jack That Body”.


It seems that Afrojack didn't use the name for the track by pure chance.
Anyways, neither Back Tiger Sex Machine nor Dabin have commented on the issue yet so it would be the best if you listen to the tracks yourself to see if you are the same opinion as MrFijiWiji:

Start at 1:43.

Start at 0:38.

You can buy the original “Jack Dat Body” here.

UPDATE: After reading the Facebook comments I decided to add some explaining. Yes, title and vocal samples are almost the same, which is nothing special. And that alone wouldn't be enough to call it a potential rip-off, of course. I chose the time stamps 1:43 & 0:38 carefully not to point out the vocal samples but the instrumental parts. They sound completely the same and in my opinion he progression is copied from the original track. In combination with the vocal samples it is too much to call it a coincidence.

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