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The New York Daily News Is Just as Ignorant as Other News Sources
The New York Daily News Is Just as Ignorant as Other News Sources

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The New York Daily News Slams The EDM Culture

As I was browsing the web yesterday, I came across a post from TSS about The New York Daily News writing about the best of the music festivals including Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza and a few others. The article was written by Jim Farber and was extremely opposed against Electronic Music once again. Here Jim goes into detail about the different festivals happening this summer, such as Electric Daisy Carnival New York, The Great GoogaMooga, Governor's Ball, Bonnaroo, Northside Festival, 4Knots Festival, America’s Most Wanted Festival, Newport Folk Festival, Americanarama Festival, Lollapalooza and Electric Zoo.

Jim opens the article saying that there are plenty of festivals to enjoy this summer, but instantly as he begins talking about EDC New York, the ignorance follows. Here Jim says that it'll be hosted on May 17-18th at Citi Field where stars such as Afrojack, Calvin Harris, Dirty South and “zillons of lesser spinners” will be performing. How much you ask?

“$215 for a two-day pass. $119 for one day. But you also have to factor in the price of the drugs you’ll need in order to endure music this repetitive and often lyric-free.”

Is it Worth It?

“If your idea of fun is to flail around in the blinding daylight while unphotogenic DJs hover over turntables playing music meant only for the darkest clubs, the answer would be yes. Even so, you will need the aforementioned drugs.”

He then goes on to talk about Electric Zoo which will be held at Randalls Island which will be $359 and will be three days.

Is it worth it?

“See Electric Daisy. But even more expensive to enter and even more drugs required to stay.”

Unfortunately this isn't the first time that a News source has labeled EDM listeners as all drug users and it won't be the last.



[Source: ThisSongSlaps]

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