Hey I heard you like the wild ones…Here are the best mixes of this incredibly popular song found on soundcloud. Good news – most of them are available for free download.

1. Flo Rida Feat Sia – Wild Ones (Maison & Dragen Remix Edit) the intro is very big house, but then this track goes to a totally different place. Hands down this was my favorite of the group.
2. Kap Slap – Wild Cinema (mashup) has more than 50,000 plays so far, and for good reason.
3. Flo Rida – Wild Ones ft. Sia (Project 46 Remix) was #1 on Hype Machine.
4. Wild Ones (Richie Beretta Remix ft. Ashley) is a surprising remix from a rapper in NYC with some grinding electro thrown in.
5. Jack Back ft. David Guetta, Nicky Romero & Sia – Wild One Two (NO_ID Remix). Apparently these guys are in Sweden being awesome right now, but I'd love to chat with them whenever they get back about doing an interview. I seriously love their music.
6. Flo Rida Ft Sia – Wild Ones (Cristian Tomas & Manu Bermudez Remix). This addictive house anthem comes from Spain, and its bouncy melody reeks of European influence.
7. Sia & Flo Rida – Wild Ones (Roo Beats Dubstep Remix). Epic vocal transformations in this track, and the integration of wobbles makes this totally different than the typical remix.
8. Flo Rida Ft Sia – Wild Ones (MTWO Dubstep Remix). Confession: I'm also putting together a “Dubstep for Girls” playlist and this track is definitely going on. It is just so beautifully done.

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