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Call Me Maybe
Call Me Maybe


Call Me Maybe – The Best 10 Remixes You’ve (Probably) Never Heard

Stevo will probably serial kill me for this post, but for the last month or so I have had this track on repeat. There are so many interesting variations on the original that I felt it was time to give our readers a comprehensive list on the best remixes of this iconic song. I mean, if the Miami Dolphins are dancing to it, it's officially mainstream. I love some of the dubstep and progressive tracks, and I'm *blown away* by the variety. There are a ton of djs on this list who I have never heard of, and I'll be investigating more of their work.

Best Artists:
1. Kap Slap – Call Me Greyhound is a mashup of Jepson and Swedish House Mafia. Need I say more?
2. Klydehil – You had me at the intro. I love this version, love the transitions, love the build ups.
3. GrantWho? – Another Aussie on this list, with a huge range of tracks and sounds.
4. Sam F. – A striking mix of dubstep and moombahton, this sweet track flew by and left me wishing for more.
5. Swanson – This 16 year old Aussie blew away the competition in this Progressive/House version. Fantastic work.
6. 3Lau – His mashup of Porter Robinson and Carly Rae is a romantic and soft tune that really resonates with listeners.
7. Giga Bass – Call Me Filthy is, well, filthy. Giga takes a playful song and makes it dark and twisted. Very nice.
8. DJ Dubz – I dont know how you did all the stuff you did to this track, but the vocal gymnastics and synths you pulled off were really great. Keep it up!
9. Tavi Harmony – Something about this track really pulled me in,and I loved its relaxed yet playful vibe.
10. Milkman – Since “breaking free” I've been a huge fan, so I was relieved to end my playlist with this strong track.

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