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Top 10 EDM Acts Playing Live Instruments

Top 10 EDM Acts That Play Live Instruments (Part 3)

We've made two lists (part 1 and part 2) analyzing our favorite live acts in electronic music - and now we have another list. This one takes some of the best up and comers...
powers of ten stephan bodzin album

Powers of Ten by Stephan Bodzin: Herzblut Recordings

This year will see German techno mainstay Stephan Bodzin ready to unleash his next full-length musical vision on the world. Entitled ‘Powers of Ten’, the 10-track album will land in June 2015 on his...
edm playlist

EDM Sauce Artist Submissions – Playlist Week of March 7, 2014

Typically I'm focused on a top ten but I realized this month that just having ten is really limiting. Awesome artists and tracks were getting dropped off that really deserved to be there. And...
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Playlist: Top 10 Artist Submissions (Week of February 20th)

Confession: When I'm building these playlists, I usually do *try* to make the tracks go together, or at least progress nicely. This week I had a rough time with this because the tracks submitted...
top ten

Playlist: Top 10 Artist Submissions (Week of February 11th)

Confession: I've been slacking. When our inbox hit 700 unread emails I knew it was time to DO SOMETHING so here we are with the top ten artist submissions. I had to cull through...

Chart Movers: Producers who Killed it in 2013

By anyone's standards, 2013 was a great year for electronic music. Heavy hitters like Avicii and Calvin Harris went mainstream, show attendance swelled, and everyone in the industry raked in the $$$. For some,...
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Playlist: Top 10 Artist Submissions (Week of December 18th)

Confession: When people tell me they 'only' listen to the big names, no matter who that is, I get crabby. There's so much great music happening right now. EDM has gone from being something...
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Playlist: Top 10 Artist Submissions (Week of November 12th)

Welp, it's November, so I guess winter is officially 'here' and the outside festivals are at an end. This means you can look forward to a few months of sweat fueled dance floors and...
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Playlist: Top 10 Artist Submissions (Week of October 17th)

I must admit, after I heard Paris Hilton's latest track I almost turned my back on the music industry and shut down our email accounts. It's all doomed, man! But nothing perks me up...
top ten

Playlist: Top 10 Artist Submissions (Week of September 23rd)

This weeks' top ten list is a doozy, with a wide range of genres and talent. I tried to mix it up a bit and have including some complextro/funk which I think (hopefully) will...


Party with Justice in the new Video for “Alakazam!”

Justice has debuted the latest track off of their upcoming album, Women. Instead of a regular song release, the duo did it in the...
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