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Cain’s Ballroom

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423 North Main Street
Tulsa, OK, 74103, United States

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Cain’s Ballroom was built in 1924 by Tate Brady. Cain’s Ballroom has gone from a garage to one of the most well-known clubs in Oklahoma.

The highlight of the ballroom is a historic maple, spring loaded dance floor designed in a “log cabin” or concentric square pattern. Lighting the dance floor is a four-foot Neon star and a silver disco ball. The walls are decorated with oversized photographs of various musicians who played Cain’s, including Bob Wills, Johnnie Lee Wills, Ernest Tubb, Ted Williams, Tex Ritter, Kay Starr and Tennessee Ernie Ford. Between the portraits are black fiddle-shaped fixtures illuminated by a single red bulb.



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