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PLS&TY Gets Unique Spin On Latest Track “Rebel Love” Courtesy Of Rusko

PLS&TY is back in the forefront again this time receiving a monster remix from the legend himself Rusko. It is a surprising but also welcomed twist on the original that will make anyone want...

PLS&TY Releases Music Video For Latest Single “Rebel Love”

Recently we all had the pleasure of receiving yet another single from the future bass don that is PLS&TY. Entitled "Rebel Love", the track was an immediate success being shared all across the internet...

PLS&TY Releases Captivatingly Smooth New Single “Rebel Love”

PLS&TY has been going strong over the past year, putting out some stunning singles and remixes. Recently he released a hard hitting new original to end the year off right. Entitled "Rebel Love", the...

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EDMsauce.com Artist of the Week: Famba

What is going on dance music fans!? We hope you are having a killer start to the festival season. Today we are bringing you...

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