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Marvin Vogel, Jonth & TwoWorldsApart Combine For Electrifying New Single “On My Way!”

Here we have a new track released via Illicit, it is a piece created by some very skilled artists who are made up of Marvin Vogel, Jonth & TwoWorldsApart. Entitled "On My Way", the...

EDX Releases Miami Remix for Tiesto’s “On My Way”

Tiesto's huge track "On My Way" has now received a remix right in time for Miami Music Week and Ultra Music Festival. With the major events right around the corner, long time producer EDX...

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Lora Tucci Impresses with Plucky, Melodic, Pop Hit

Lora Tucci is a brand new up and coming artist to the scene! We really love the work that she has provided us with...