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SoDown & Moontricks – With You (Feat. Carly Lynn)

The latest release from SoDown, titled "With You" might be the perfect fall anthem.  The Colorado producer has teamed up with his friends, Moontricks, to produce an organic Future Bass track.  SoDown teased the track in a...
Glitch In The System

Glitch in the System (Episode 50)

Our Glitch in the System team brings you another show and new music features tonight with our favorite down under DJ's TwEQ and DrDee from New Zealand's RDU 98.5 station with plenty of quality entertainment, exclusive interviews, and more. Thank you for supporting...
Top 10 EDM Acts Playing Live Instruments

Top 10 EDM Acts that Play Live Instruments (Part 4)

A year ago we made Part 1 of our Top 10 EDM acts that play live instruments and to see how far the crossover between rock and even classical music has merged with electronic production is astounding....
Glitch In The System

Glitch in the System & Top Glitch Hop of the Week (Episode 42)

Join us for another episode of Glitch in the System tonight. Hosts TwEQ and DrDee drop some funky goodness on the decks and another memorable night of bass music from New Zealand's RDU 98.5 station with new tunes, and plenty...

Live at Shambhala 2015 In the Grove with Moontricks (VIDEO)

If you've been able to attend Shambhala Music Festival or speak with someone who has, "The Grove" Stage is one of the most memorable and enjoyable treats among visitors to Salmo, B.C. However, the area has been...
Glitch In The System

Glitch in the System & Top Glitch Hop of the Week (Episode 31)

Taco Tuesday (or Wub Wub Wednesdays for our international crowd) returns in full force for another episode of Glitch in the System this week. We'll count down our favorite glitch hop tunes tonight on air from...
Glitch In The System

Glitch in the System Radio & Our Top Tracks of the Week (Episode 14)

Get your fill of glitchy bass music for two hours tonight with our great hosts, TwEQ and DrDee, as we bring you the best new music from across the globe with plenty of entertainment and surprises. Thank...

Moontricks – Soul Baby

If you're sleeping on Moontricks right now, get your life in gear! Canadian Nate Gurley teams up with guitarist Sean Rodman for this beauty called "Soul Baby." It's one of the top free downloads...

Vespers & Moontricks – Snake in a Bottle

Check out this amazing collaboration between Vespers & Moontricks called "Snake in a Bottle." The glitch hop tune has some spacey vibes and a unique glitch hop progression that will stun your inner astronaut....
Glitch In The System

Glitch In The System Radio & Our Top Glitch Hop of the Week

Here's our fifth episode of the "Top 5 Glitch Hop Tracks of the Week" and as usual we're excited to share the countdown tonight with our friends on the Glitch in the System Radio Show in New...

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With a name after a creature just as big as his sound, Wooli is quicking rising in the EDM scene. His newest EP "Mammoth" just...

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