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Spa Music

Ready to indulge your mind with soothing sounds that can be listened to while you are getting a massage, doing yoga, meditating, or relaxing? Click here or stream the playlist below to listen to hours of spa music, meditation music, and yoga music on Spotify. Relax and let the sounds of this playlist transform your mind into bliss.

All you need to do is save this playlist, and click the repeat button once to enjoy the soothing sounds on loop. By clicking the repeat button once, 12+ hours of spa music will repeat.

Recommended: Download Sleepy Head: Relaxing Sounds on the iOS App Store.

Calming Audio has released some of their sleep sounds on YouTube. Below you will find some of our best videos to date.

Trees in Wind and Trees Blowing in the Wind

White Noise for Sleep (10 Hours) White Noise Machine

Wind Sounds for Sleeping, Relaxation, Stress Relief – Nature Wind Sound

Womb Sounds to Soothe Crying, Colicky Baby – Infant Sleep White Noise Sounds

Womb Sounds & Heartbeat Sound for Babies – Baby Soother Noise

Storm in Ocean & Sea Thunder Sounds 🌩️ Storm at Sea

Restaurant Noise and the Chatter of a Restaurant 🍜 The Sound of a Restaurant

Colicky Babies Love This Pink Noise Sound 👶 White Noise for Crying Baby

City Sounds and City Ambience 🌆 City Noise Atmosphere

Shhh Sound to Put Baby to Sleep the Whole Night 👼🏻 Hushing Sounds

Music Wind Chimes for Relaxation, Sleep and Focus 🎐 Chime Music

Native American Flute American Indian Flute Music

Seagull Sounds & Seagull Sound Effect ☀️ Sound of Seagulls and Waves

Office Sound Ambience – People Chatter, Typing, Sound of Colleagues 💻 Office White Noise

Airplane Cabin Noise Jet Sounds | Great for Sleeping, Studying, Reading & Homework | 10 Hours

Playlists: Meditation Music for Deep TranquilitySleep Music for Deep SleepBaby Sleep SoundsSleep Sounds for Complete RelaxationAmbient Noise & Background Noise for SleepOcean Sounds for SleepWhite Noise & Ambient Noise to Fall Asleep QuicklyWhite Noise Sleep Sounds


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