There are plenty of ways and different music distribution companies to get your music out there. We’ve compiled some of the most used and widely known services in the list below.

  • TUNECORE – Tunecore is one of the leading music distribution services for individual artists. With more than 150+ digital stores, artists can keep 100% of your rights and sales revenues.
  • CD BABY – CD Baby is another one of the leading distribution services.
  • MONDOTUNES – MondoTunes supplies digital distribution to more than 100+ countries.
  • LABEL ENGINE – Label Engine is a digital distribution with an eye for their accounting system.
  • DITTO MUSIC – Ditto Music distributes to iTunes, VEVO, Spotify, and many others.
  • THE ORCHARD – Since 1997, The Orchard has been pioneering the entertainment industry with its global distribution platform.

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