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How To Release a Song

If you've landed on this article, you're more than likely wondering how to release a song. In the past 5 years, releasing music has drastically changed. Now it's easier than ever to release your music and to have your music heard from fans around the world.

How To Release a Song

How To Release a SongIn this article, we'll share our favorite music distributors to release your music with, how to create cover art and music promotional strategies.

Create your song or album artwork

Create your song or album artworkBefore releasing your song, you should have created your artwork already. Most music distributors recommend creating an image at 3,000 x 3,000 pixels. Whether you have Photoshop or some other photo editing software, we are big fans of to create your song artwork. You can either choose to browse through their images and edit it with a number of filters, or you can look for album artwork through a website like

How to upload song artwork

Sign up for a music distributor

Sign up for a music distributorThere are many different music distributors. Each with their own pros and cons. We have chosen RouteNote to be our preferred music distributor due to its ability to do automatic splits and the ease of use. While we recommend doing your own research to see which music distributor works for you, we'll be using this guide to explain how to use Routenote.

-> Click here to head over to Routenote. When you get to Routenote, click the green Sign Up button on the top right. Once you have clicked to Sign up, Routenote gives you the option to conveniently sign up to its service with Google, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, or just your email address. When signing up, just remember to use this string of numbers in the Referral Code: 2f76a771.

Schedule your song to be released

Schedule your song to be releasedNow that you have signed up for Routenote, hover over the Distribution tab and click on “Create New Release.” From there you will be instructed to fill out the release information including song release title, album artwork, name of the record label (or self-released), the sale start date, and pre-order date. You will also be able to choose options where to have your song released (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, etc…).

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Choose which distribution model to use

Choose which distribution model to useRoutenote is one of the few distribution platforms that allow free distribution. If you choose the Free distribution model, Routenote will take a 15% royalty cut of your song's release. If you choose the Premium distribution model, Routenote charges $10 for singles, $20 for EPs, $30 for albums, $45 for extended albums and then $9.99 annually.

Music Promotion Strategies

Music Promotion StrategiesPrior to your song being released, it's important to come up with a music promotion strategy, especially if you are self-releasing. It's important to focus on how much of a budget you are willing to put forth for this release.

Playlist Pitching Services

One of the best ways to get your music heard is through playlist pitching services. These services will help your music get in front of relevant listeners to hear your music. is a service that helps artists get their music heard. They are currently accepting music from artists that have produced either EDM, Rap/Hip Hop, Pop, or Rock Music. Unlike many other services, Playlist Pitching works off of guaranteed Spotify streams through their pitching services.

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Playlist Push

We recently published an artist about whether or not Playlist Push was legit or not. There are many pros and cons with Playlist Push. Their newly updated service will verify any suspicious activity, playlist name changes, or fake or inactive followers for the curator's playlists. While they maintain a 4/5 star rating on Trustpilot, many people have complained of their expensive price point for newer musicians with not always the best results.

Facebook Ads

One of the best ways to promote your music is by setting up your own Facebook and Instagram ads. Create a video and showcase your music to people that may be looking for new artists like you!

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