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What is Considered ‘Explicit Content’?

Generally, explicit content refers to anything that is graphic or sexually suggestive. This can include violence, nudity, or language that is sexually charged. Of course, what is considered explicit can vary depending on who you ask. For some people, anything that falls outside of traditional family values is considered explicit. Others may have a more permissive view, and only consider something to be explicit if it is truly graphic or obscene.

Here are the main things considered to be explicit content:

  • strong language (one word may be enough)
  • references to violence, mental, or physical abuse
  • discriminatory language
  • references to sexual behavior


What is explicit language?

Explicit language is any language that is sexual in nature or that uses profanity. It can be used in both written and spoken form, and it can be found in all sorts of media, from books and movies to music and television. While some people enjoy using explicit language for its shock value, others find it to be offensive or vulgar. In general, explicit language should be used sparingly in public settings and around children.

What means adult content?

Adult content, also known as pornography or erotica, is any material that is intended to cause sexual arousal. This can include magazines, videos, websites, and even art or literature. While some people may consider adult content to be offensive or harmful, it is legal to produce and consume in most countries. However, there are some exceptions, such as child pornography, which is illegal in most jurisdictions. In general, adult content is designed for consenting adults who are looking for sexual stimulation. It is typically not suitable for minors or someone who might be offended by its explicit nature.

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