The ‘What’s In My Baggie?’ documentary was officially released to the public on September 4th, 2014.

Whats In My Baggie DocumentaryThe documentary was filmed by 5 friends with no previous documentary experience. Back in 2013, these 5 friends went on a journey to expose the risk of dangerous drugs being sold at festivals.

“In What’s In My Baggie?, we will discuss how ineffective drug policy is preventing harm reduction organizations from providing proper drug education and spreading awareness about the rise of adulterated substances.”

Director Tyge Christiansen helps illustrate that when most festival-goers purchase MDMA at festivals, little do they know they most of the substances in that powder isn’t what they thought it was.

As drug-related deaths continue to be common at festivals, the Bunk Police have been handing out test-kits to the festival-goers.

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