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Best Demonia Shoes

Demonia is a brand of alternative footwear that is popular among goth and punk subcultures. The brand offers a wide range of styles, from platform boots to Mary Jane flats, all with an edgy, rebellious aesthetic. Demonia shoes are often adorned with spikes, chains, and other embellishments, and they are known for their bold colors and daring designs. While Demonia shoes are often seen as outrageous or even dangerous, they are also widely considered to be fashion-forward and stylish. As such, Demonia footwear has become increasingly popular in recent years, both within alternative circles and beyond. Read about the best Demonia shoes below.

1. Demonia Women's Damned-225 Mid Calf Boot

2. Demonia Women's LILITH-271 Platform Mid-Calf Boot Black

3. Demonia Women's Creeper 304 Wedge Oxford

Demonia Women's Creeper 304 Platform Wedges, Pink Vegan Suede, 6 M
  • 5 1/4" Wedge PF
  • Shoe Box Size (in): Length-10.6; Width-9.8; Height-3.7

4. Demonia Women's Ashes-55 Ankle-High Boot

5. Demonia Women's Damned-115 Ankle-High Boot

Demonia Women's Damned-115 Ankle-High Boot
  • 3 1/2" (90mm) Platform
  • Clear Hologram PVC Outside Panel Pocket Containing Various Charm Ornaments
  • Double Hook N' Loop Straps

6. Demonia Women's Cli02-1/Bca Sandal

Demonia Women's Cli02-1/Bca Sandal
  • High quality alternative footwear with a high level of comfort.

7. Demonia Women's CRE302/BVS Fashion Sneaker

8. Demonia Women's Cli08/Bca Flat Sandal

Demonia Women's Click 08 T-Strap,Leopard Print Canvas,US 7 M
  • 3 1/4" PF
  • Shoe Box Size (in): Length-10.6; Width-10.6; Height-3.7

9. Demonia Women's GRIP-105 Platform Ankle High Sandal Black

Demonia Women's GRIP-105 Platform Ankle High Sandal Hologram 6 Silver
  • Eyelet Covered Buckle Straps Across Toe and Ankle
  • 2-3/4" (70mm) Platform
  • Metal back ip closure

10. Demonia Women's Poison-101/BVL Boot

Demonia Women's Poison-101/Bvl Boot, Black Vegan Leather, 6 M US
  • Platform-wedge bootie in faux leather featuring lace front
  • Dual ankle straps with studded embellishment and Pentagram at center
  • Front-to-back chain with cross and skull charms

11. Demonia Women's Camel-203 Ankle Boot


Who is Demonia owned by?

Demonia is a subsidiary of the Pleaser Group, which is itself a subsidiary of the J. Valentine Company. The Pleaser Group is a leading manufacturer of footwear and accessories for the alternative market, and Demonia specializes in goth and punk styles. The company was founded in 1993 by Jim Ellen, who remains its president today.

What are Demonia shoes made of?

Demonia shoes are made of high-quality materials that provide both comfort and style. The upper parts of the shoes are usually made of Leather or PVC, while the soles are made of rubber. This combination of materials makes for a durable and long-lasting shoe that can withstand heavy wear and tear.

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