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Manu P and Andrea Rubolini: Collaboration Interview

In this exclusive interview, we catch up with the talented duo behind the EP ‘My Roots,' Manu P and Andrea Rubolini. They share insights into the inspiration behind their collaboration, the creative process, and the unique elements that define their music. As seasoned collaborators, Manu P and Andrea Rubolini shed light on their dynamic working relationship, bringing their distinct styles together to produce captivating tracks. Get ready to explore the journey behind their latest release and gain a deeper understanding of the artists behind the music.


Hi guys, how are you both? Congratulations on the release of your EP, ‘My Roots’!

Hello, all good, thank you. Thanks a lot, we are very happy about this release.

Let’s start at the beginning, what inspired you to produce this EP? Did you have a specific goal in mind when you set out producing?

We were inspired by the Defected House productions that we really like, and one day it would be nice to release on this label.

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You frequently collaborate; can you talk us through the collaboration for ‘My Roots’? What made you decide to collaborate again? Do you find the production process easier now that you’ve established a working practice and know each other’s creative processes?

We've been collaborating together for a lifetime, and we believe we will continue to do so for many years. Everything is linear and fast now, and we understand each other very well.

Can you walk us through the production of ‘My Roots’? How did you start?

As I mentioned earlier, we were inspired by the House sounds of Defected. So, we started with that in mind.


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This is your debut release together on The Cage Music label and features a mix by STEB; how did this come about? Did you approach STEB for a mix, what was this process like?

We wanted a mix from a friend, and we proposed to Stefano to make a remix. He immediately accepted and also produced a great hit.

Your mix features groovy vocal lines: can you walk us through the process of using vocals within your productions? How do you integrate vocals into your mixes? What techniques do you use?

We always try to give character to a track with a vocal. We prefer to include one because we believe it gives more soul to the track.

What do you hope listeners take away from this new release?

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I hope they can enjoy the track in its entirety and have a nice journey.

There is a unique groove to your mix which adds to the funky listening experience; how do you create these driving rhythmic elements? Do you have any specific techniques that you use each time you produce a track?

We don't have a specific technique; we always go with the flow. Of course, we start by getting inspired or having certain sounds in mind.

Did you incorporate any new techniques or sounds into the production of ‘My Roots’?

On average, we have our preset, and we use that.

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What is next for you both, do you have any more exciting projects coming up that you can tell us about?

Next month, we will have a release on Material, and we are working on some new demos that we are shopping right now.


As we conclude our conversation with Manu P and Andrea Rubolini, their passion for music and collaborative spirit leaves a lasting impression, as ‘My Roots' reflects their commitment and drive to delivering tracks with depth and groove, so stay tuned for their upcoming releases and projects that are sure to captivate audiences worldwide.


Listen and download ‘My Roots EP’ now:

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Manu P Online 

Soundcloud | Instagram | Beatport  


Andrea Rubolini Online

Soundcloud | Instagram | Beatport

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