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Avi Sic: Interview

As she continues to take Electronic Music by storm, Avi Sic is fast becoming one of the most exciting talents on the scene, delivering her signature hard-hitting sound and energising dancefloors around the globe with anthemic productions and unforgettable live sets. 


Now, fresh from the release of her latest single, ‘Just Dancing’, Avi Sic is here with us to talk about the creative process behind the production, sharing an insight into the different elements of the track and teasing us with details about her upcoming releases and performances.


Hello Avi Sic, thank you for joining us. How are you? 


I’m good, thanks for having me!


Congratulations on the release of ‘Just Dancing’! To start, can you tell us what inspired you to create this track, did you have any specific influences when you set out producing? 

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I had this groovy bassline in mind. I laid that out in my DAW and I thought it would sound cool with some indie dance vocals. My goal was to make a track that sounded like mid 2000’s blog House but also fitted to the Tech House genre. 


For those who haven’t heard ‘Just Dancing’ yet, how would you describe it?


High energy UK style House vibes. 


Can you walk us through the key elements and instruments used in the production of ‘Just Dancing’?


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There’s a big electro synth on the drop. I came up with the lead melody and instead of using a reese synth for the sound I went with a more interesting synth. It’s a bit big room EDM. The juxtaposition works well. The drums are pretty straight forward with small intricacies. I left a good amount of space between instruments and the drums to allow the bass line to shine and create a heavy groove. 


How do you think this track showcases your signature sound? 


It sits within a few styles (genre wise) which is pretty much my M.O. Hybrid House as I call it.


Did you experiment with any new techniques or processes for this track? 


There are a lot of FX and mixing tricks used to create small nuances that ultimately make a big difference. 

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In your opinion, what makes ‘Just Dancing’ different from your other releases?


This record is less Bass House heavy than some of my recent releases – more Tech House driven. It works in a big room setting but also on smaller, more intimate dance floors.


‘Just Dancing’ has an energetic blend of elements, with catchy vocal chops, a 

groovy bassline and staggering rhythmic elements, can you tell us how you 

approach producing such detailed and powerful soundscapes? Do you have a 

specific process that you use when layering all the elements?

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I started with the bassline and built some drums around that. Next came the synth work. I actually mixed a bunch of other synth hits and a second response melody for this final version. The vocals on the builds were the last to be added and it really ties all of the elements together. I’ve been playing this one live in my sets for a long time now. I pretty much used my audience's response to each new version to craft the final version. Cutting out parts that weren’t working as well. This was the version that had the best response on the dancefloor.


How do you hope listeners will connect with ‘Just Dancing’?


It’s a great song for any pre game playlist, workout … afterparty, etc. It’s definitely a hype track that encourages the listener to just dance along.


Looking ahead, what can fans expect from you in terms of future releases and 


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I have an upcoming release called ‘Loving You’ with Disco Fries label LIFTOFF in November and also a track with UK rapper KXNE that drops in December on Tiger Records. Also, my radio show ‘Late Checkout’ airs weekly with high energy mixes by myself and some A-list guests. I have Don Diablo and Bingo Players on deck which I'm really excited about. And of course, loads of live headline shows in between. This Friday I’m headed to INVY Nightclub, then back to Chicago for a show at ROOF on theWIT on Saturday night and then playing two mega day parties on Sunday. The party never ends!


Having built a relentless momentum that shows no signs of slowing down soon, Avi Sic is certainly unstoppable in her drive; with a passion and determination to continue elevating her sound and bringing her energetic vibes to genre enthusiasts around the world, there is no doubt that Avi Sic’s name will keep climbing high on the list of talented Producers and DJs currently on the Electronic Music scene. So, make sure to follow her across social media, as this is an Artist not to be missed.


Listen and Buy ‘Just Dancing’ Now 

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