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Meet Ilyaugust: The Multi-Faceted Artist Who’s Changing the Game

For music aficionados who crave something distinct in the pop genre, Ilyaugust is a name that must be on your radar. Emerging from the music scene of North Carolina, this dynamic artist has encapsulated a unique blend of pop and R&B, delivering tunes that linger long after the last note fades. Let's delve into the world of Ilyaugust.


From North Carolina to Big Money Records


Hailing from North Carolina, Ilyaugust has been in the music scene for about three years. This fast-rising star recently signed a deal with Big Money Records, taking his music career to another level. The artist’s association with such an esteemed label solidifies his position as one of the industry's artists to watch.


The Sound and Soul of Ilyaugust


When asked about the main influences shaping his music, Ilyaugust cited his surrounding community of talented musicians who have helped him develop a unique sound. His music can be described as an experimental mix of pop-inspired melodies tinged with shades of R&B. The artist himself claims, “I feel as if my voice is unique and helps separate me from other artists.

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Collaboration and the Creative Process


For Ilyaugust, collaboration is more than just a buzzword; it's an integral part of his creative journey. Whether working in person or via digital platforms like Discord or Zoom, Ilyaugust thrives on the back-and-forth exchange of ideas with other artists and producers.


Milestones and Messages


One of the most memorable moments for Ilyaugust was hitting his first million streams on Spotify. This milestone was not only an affirmation of his talent but also fueled his desire to reach even greater heights. Through his music, Ilyaugust aims to inspire listeners, whether to create their music or find solace during challenging times.


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Looking Ahead


As for the future, Ilyaugust has grand plans. “I would love to go on tour once I’m at that point and I also really want to be one of the biggest artists in the industry,” he shares. To keep the creative juices flowing, the artist draws inspiration from the reaction of his audience. The love and support he receives when he drops new music keep him motivated in the highly competitive industry.

With an ever-growing fan base and the support of Big Money Records, Ilyaugust is set for an exciting journey in the world of music. For those eager to hear more, Ilyaugust teases, “I got some exciting new stuff on the way!”


To keep up with the latest from Ilyaugust, check out his Spotify for new releases or follow him on Instagram for behind-the-scenes content. And as the artist himself puts it, “Thank you guys for all the support, and I hope you plan to stay for the long run!”


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