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Action Paxton & Kung Fu Vampire Release Rap Inspired Bass Track “5AM”

Two artists with non-stop touring schedules channel their incredible hustle on one storming, juggernaut of a single, “5AM.” Both west-coast based and both having rabid dedication to constantly permeate themselves in the live music scene within the genres of their choosing, Action Paxton and Kung Fu Vampire are stand-out artists contributing to spaces via genres spanning from the jam-band vibes to hip-hop to dark experimental bass – Action Paxton is also a member of the Kung Fu Vampire band as the drummer. Action Paxton and Kung Fu Vampire have made their live performance intrinsic to their musical identities.

5AM,” helps stomp a year of anxiety around cancellations and lockdowns into the past, Action Paxton and Kung Fu Vampire putting out an unrestrained festival-ready collaboration to the masses. The single unequivocally syncs up the best of both artists sonically, with a haunting beat and a no-fucks-given theme working in unison to deliver a monstrous bass heater. Embedded with subconscious tweaks and triggers to ensure an audience’s adrenaline is tapped, the darkness and power encapsulated between the two highly skilled bass-embracing artists here is hard to pass up. “5AM,” goes to the roughest corners of bass culture to bring forth an untamable essence that hits just right. The instantly gripping nature makes it easy to let go and get dirty.



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