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My Favorite Things – Cyazon [EDMsauce Exclusive Interview]

In recent times, Cyazon has really pushed the boat out in terms of his musical prowess, constantly pushing through the boundaries and cultivates of his work to produce a delicate balance between Synthwave and Dubstep. You can expect to find a plethora of inimitable sounds built up of heavy synths, hard hitting beats and melodic supersaws that encapsulates his vision for his releases which depict a soundtrack to the dark undertones of abandoned streets, with the blurs of neon lights from Bladerunner’s metropolis. 

Cyazon has come on a really long way since the start of his career, his talent for Production has ensured massive successes in the industry, such as his release ‘Neo Soul’ with Essenger, which made its debut on Monstercat and garnered a substantial amount of attention. With an impressive work ethic that has led to the release of multiple powerhouse releases, Cyazon is definitely one to look out for. We caught up with Cyazon with a ‘My Favourite Things’ interview to find out more about the man behind the music.

Best festival to go to?

EDC Las Vegas or Ultra Music Festival


What have you missed the most since the pandemic?

Live music


Best venue to go to?

In Los Angeles, Hollywood Palladium, Exchange LA, or Avalon.


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Miami or Ibiza?

Miami. I never have been to Ibiza yet.


808 or 909?


How much time do you spend listening to music each day or week?

I listen to Spotify every day. Recently I have been listening to my own Spotify curated playlist a lot. So my best guess would be at least 3 hours to 7 hours every day listening to music. When making music myself, it can be for more than 7 hours.


Does the personality of your productions change throughout the year as we move through the seasons? – Are your tracks darker in the winter and lighter in the summer for example?

I would say the personality of my productions has no influence over the changing of seasons. That is because there is a specific storyline with each track and all of my music. 

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What is your favorite holiday destination?

Oh wow! That’s a hard question. I don’t even know how to answer this haha. I haven’t been traveling a lot on my own. I want to though, someday.  Somewhere on a beach would be my top choice if I had to choose.


Name one thing you’re looking forward to doing after the Pandemic is over?

Definitely live music, shows, and festivals. I miss it because it feels like an escape away from my personal life issues. Live music will always be a safe haven for me.


Cyazon Online

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