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Glass Cannon Releases Impressive First Swirlings EP With Diverse Range

Very few times do we have a release that we're UBER excited about releasing, but today, we are featuring an incredible new EP that is super special. Please welcome Glass Cannon in his debut, featuring his newest EP, First Swirlings.

The EP is marvelous to say the least and really so much can be said about the perfectly mastered records he's given us.

The opening track Way Down Up is a down temp, dub-style track that features brass synths, backing guitars, grinding bass similar to what we would here from heavy hitter Blackmill, while keeping melodies light and interesting with stabs and riffs. Probably our favorite track out of the entire EP.

The next track, The Mysteries, gets a bit heavier with more wubby style mainstage drops while keeping Glass Cannon's signature down-tempo, atmospheric sound with plucky melodies, guitar inspired riffs, and perfectly timed smash FX's.

Lastly, to wrap up a fantastic EP, his track Who Are You is a darkly driven down tempo dub track that features drawn out basses, score style breakdowns, head bopping percussion patterns, and of course a haunting lyrical ambiance throughout.

This EP is a MUST listen – check it out below. Awesome props to Glass Cannon!

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