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Leitvox presents his latest single, The Dreaming Silenus

Leitvox shares new track inspired by Ruben's painting “The Dreaming Silenus.”  The hypnotic and progressive techno inspired song is the second single that the Miami based producer shares of his upcoming album Under The Skin, due out early 2020.

The video for “The Dreaming Silenus” mixes stunning images of nature with digital animation, submerging the viewer into an eleven-minute sci-fi experience.

This song is inspired by the artwork of Ruben’s painting ‘The Dreaming Silenus’ that depicts an intoxicated Greek mythology god (Silenus) having a dream of mystery, desire and luxury. The composition of the track contains the elements of such dream with textures that are quite mysterious yet sensual with a danceable repetitive beat. The most difficult task of this song was actually to translate the dreamy painting into sound mixed with a techno vibe. The artwork’s illustration of a Skull is a way to describe Silenus thinking and his pessimistic philosophy: ‘the best thing for a man is not to be born, and if already born, to die as soon as possible’”. – Leitvox

Check out Leitvox's “The Dreaming Silenus” video here:

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