Bucharest, Romania based artist Helen today has delivered ‘Bloodfire’  the next single from her upcoming EP ‘Rare’ due for release this month.

Combining a retro 8-bit keyboard sounds with a classic r&b influenced beat – ‘Bloodfire’ showcases Helen’s amazing vocal range in this catchy and sensual track that wouldn’t be amiss on the albums of fellow pop contemporaries such as Robyn, Lykke Li and Kim Petras.

An ode to a passionate moment between two people at a party, ‘Bloodfire’ is Helen at her most stirring, as she sings “Is it too late to feel? Is it too late to feel you?” with her trademark sugar-sweet vocal delivery.

“For me,” says Helen, “Bloodfire is how I feel when I think of London. The song has such a profound connexion with the city. I wrote it when I was there with my friend Lil Eddie in his apartment after a long session in the studio and the whole atmosphere, the people, the vibe of the city and perhaps the fact that it was a really hot summer, inspired us to write it.”

Check out Bloodfire by Helen below!


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