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Even The Devil Gets Sad Sometimes Crywolf – Quixote (SWARM Reimagination)

SWARM has given us his take on the Crywolf track QUIXOTE. SWARM has been snapping necks with his hybrid of dark midtempo / heavy metal music and the Antichrist from the Sunshine State does not look like he is planning on stopping anytime soon. Crywolf has been wowing crowds all across the country on his recent Oblivion tour that consisted of more of a live music emotional outburst of artistic content which I am thankful to have caught live. Doesn't sound like it would come together, does it? Well, Crywolf’s post-apocalyptic vibe carries a murky undertone which SWARM exploits every bit of darkness from in a perfect way.

QUIXOTE originally has a bit of a Native American chanting feel to it but SWARM has a knack for making everything simply sound eerie. SWARM isolates the underlying guitar hidden in the song and lets it shine throughout the intro. The juxtaposition between Crywolf’s angelic voice and SWARMS demonic bass create a coalescence of sadness and evil that lies somewhere between melancholy and malevolent. The aggressive percussion and sheer size of the drop shook me to my core only to be whisked away into the bridge comforted by Crywolfs luring vocals. Just when the song reaches the emotional pinnacle the drums take hold and the song races to the finish line. I was pretty excited to see that SWARM took on a Crywolf remix and if you ask me he crushed it. Listen for yourself below.

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