Recently, there has been much concern as to where Ultra Music Festival will be relocating its home festival. After it’s 2019 edition, Miami officials agreed that the festival would not be returning to its recent new location, Virginia Key, due to many complications that occurred during this year’s event. Afterward, Ultra then chose to move on from Miami, taking not only the world but the city of Miami by surprise.

Today, Miami officials gathered together to talk about The famous music festival and it’s official leave from Miami. Many officials agreed that the festival should be making a return to Miami, just not to Virginia Key. Others agreed with the leave and believed that the festival should not make its return. Miami City Manager, Emilio Gonzalez, believed that the loss of The famous festival would make an economic impact on the city. Many officials agreed that the festival was a huge loss and that the city of Miami should lure the festival back to its beautiful city. Ultimately, Gonzalez agreed to re-engage with Ultra about a possible return to Downtown Miami, just not in Virginia Key.

Do you think that Ultra can make a possible return to Miami? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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