There's no two ways about it. If you're a fan of bass music, you've heard of Calcium by now. Despite remaining predominantly anonymous behind his mysterious skeleton branding, Calcium is an artist who demands the spotlight in 2019 with his hard-hitting, face-melting dubstep records.

Drawing influence from the darkest undercurrents of bass music, Calcium's sound is one you'll be quick to recognise after his “Skull Vault” EP drops today on NSD's Black Label. Amongst the tracks on the EP is “Comply” – a bouncy, squelchy example of the producer's stand-out sound design. It's no fresh news that dubstep can be one of the trickier genres in which to push boundaries, but Calcium achieves just that with “Comply”. It's his unique take on the classic ‘riddim' sound with added enthusiasm and creativity; breathing new life in to the genre.

Check out the track below and don't forget to grab your copy of “Skull Vault” EP HERE.