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The Other Life release Trance track, “Moody”

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When The Doors released Break On Through To The Other Side, it was truly groundbreaking for it's time. Well, in this day and age, we need something else that helps the young people of this generation break through the glass ceiling of our lives. One listen to The Other Life’s new hit, “Moody” and you’ll know exactly what it is we’re talking about. Get this new Electronic Pop Dance track blasting through your airpods and get lost in between the world and space. Use the energy and harness it into something more profound, with more meaning.

When The Other Life decided to add in synth and old-school drum machine sounds to “Moody”, they probably had an idea of what type of sound they were going for. They want to bring back the wild days of the 80’s back and make people understand where Electronic Pop Dance had a truly huge impact in the Electronic world. Even if you weren’t alive during this time, “Moody” has a way of allowing you to reminisce about a time you were not even a part of. That’s how good this track is.

“This music began as an effort to cross the overcast, melancholy distortion of early post-punk bands like Joy Division with a modern club-style beat. The song is less about actual moodiness and more about honesty and how often we have to pretend.” stated by The Other Life.

As we sit and listen to new music each time, one can't help but wonder who the music is really for. Honesty is the key into letting go and letting our true inhibitions, our true feelings finally roam free. Be honest with yourself from now on.

Jump off your current state of mind and don’t pretend to be something you’re not – be honest with yourself. Give “Moody” a listen and let The Other Life know how you like it!

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