This year saw countless artists break onto the scene. New minds have demonstrated that EDM is arguably more exciting than ever before. While countless artists have rocked the scene with new ideas and productions, one stands out more than anyone else. The mystery producer, 1788-L.

1788-L Lives Up The Hype

First gaining notoriety with a remix of Daft Punk, 1788-L's year took off seemingly out of nowhere. After the release of a handful of remixes, 1788-L began releasing his original work, and fans fell in love nearly immediately.

With the help of established artists such as Zeds Dead, REZZ and Ekali, championing the sounds of the masked producer, 1788-L started to make power moves. with the release of the EP, ‘S E N T I E N C E', it became clear that the masked artist was here to stay.

As the year entered its closing quarter, 1788-L began appearing on lineups all over the country. The project quickly built a following (The Drones of 1788-L) who are some of the most vocal supporters of any group in dance music.

What's Next

While the world may never know what truly comes next for this enigmatic master of forward-thinking bass, it is clear that 1788-L will have another monster year in 2019.

Take a listen to their EP below, and keep an eye out for new material in 2019 from 1788-L and expect to see them on lineups all over the world.

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