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Pitbull Has Remixed Toto’s ‘Africa’

There is potentially no artist as paradoxical as Pitbull. The world does love to hate Mr. 305 but in the same breath people freaking love songs like Ke$ha's ‘Timber' and Afrojack's ‘Give Me Everything'. That being said, Pitbull's latest release is nothing short of a declaration of war on music.

For DC Comic's latest movie release, Aquaman, some powerful executive thought it would be a good idea to have the movie's signature song be a remix of Toto's ‘Africa' done by none other than Pitbull.

Pitbull – Ocean to Ocean

‘Africa' by Toto is nothing short of an iconic, and legendary record. While in recent years it has obtained meme status, even before the internet fell in love with the prog-rock ballad, it saw chart-topping success. As many articles have documented – there are a few pretty specific reasons why this song has become a living legend.

You know a great way to tarnish the legacy of an iconic song? Throw Pitbull on the track.

The result of the Pitbull rework is nothing short of serious cringe material. You can almost see sound engineers sitting in a studio with Pitbull attempting to talk him and the studio out of letting this track hit the streaming services. But yet, here it is – out in the public's eye.


Aquaman is without a doubt one of the most anticipated releases of the year. ‘Ocean to Ocean' has actually helped raise the visibility of the movie's release since everyone and their brother is talking about how bad the song is on social media.

That being said, it also makes the movie almost impossible to take seriously. When you hear Kendrick Lamar‘s orchestral score to Black Panther then listen to ‘Ocean to Ocean' for Aquaman, it is not hard to see why Marvel is dominating DC time and time again when it comes to movies.

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