Blaize’s latest, “Wreckage,” is a collaborative effort with Gawm possessing ample amounts of aggressive bass. From the first second of the track, listeners are pummeled with modulated low-end frequencies and daunting atmospheres, which build into colossal drops. With the rhythmic elements of trap music and sonic brutality of riddim, “Wreckage” is sure to be the cause of whiplash for all who hear it.

Blaize, hailing from the streets of San Antonio, is no stranger to the grind. Through steadfast determination and work ethic, the artist continues to build his arsenal of releases featuring his filthy signature sound. With a sizeable following, and performances alongside names such as Sullivan King, Riot Ten, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Araab Music and more, Blaize is a hot Texas act to watch out for.