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Deadmau5 Provides Update On Mental Health

Over recent months, mental health has been brought to the forefront of the music industry. We are not going to mention any of the tragic events that have occurred, because, well, quit honestly we all hold them very close to heart and they do not need to be resurfaced. That said, many musicians have come forward and expressed their needs to take time off. It comes with great applaud that individuals we hold so close to our hearts are coming out and expressing their desires to better themselves. The industry as a whole is a taxing one and when one of our idols conveys their desire and will to alter their lives, we cannot help but applaud. Some time ago, Deadmau5 came out and announced his road to finding balance.

Earlier this month, Joel took to Socials to let us know about his current state:

Deadmau5 provides update

To hear this from Joel is remarkable. As a staple in the Electronic Music world, we were happy when he announced his desire to seek help. Now, sometime later, he is providing us with a very positive update. Through the support of his wife, family, and friends he has announced he is back on the right track. Him announcing that he will be honoring his European shows is something that we should all look at as a great, great positive. Joel (I use his first name as we are all PEOPLE), has worked his way to a point where he is able to hit the road and continue his journey as one of the most successful DJ's in the industry. As time goes on, we hope that consistency remains and that more and more of our favorites build the strength to come out and hit their well-being head on. Kudos, Joel, the Europeans look forward to vibing with you once again! Continue on the journey and we all hope to see you better than ever very, very, soon.

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