Neovaii is three albums deep with Horizon being the latest, comprised of seven uniquely executed tracks. The release spans across a variety of vibes, emotions, and subgenres, thematically tied together by melodic and infectious qualities. Drawing influence from an eclectic assortment of sounds, Neovaii’s growth as an artist is eye-catching and apparent. With each produced track, Horizon displays a little something that everyone can chew on.

Neovaii is an American producer that has become known for his blend of pop, trap and future bass. Having worked in genres such as Alternative Rock and Pop, he came to unleash his potential producing within the electronic scene. His works has gained support from Trap Nation, Chill Nation, Trap City, Trap Music, Nightblue Music, and countless others, accumulating tens of millions of streams across all platforms. Neovaii is an artist to keep an eye on.