When you think of top creative centers for dance music in the United States, you probably think of New York, LA, and Miami. This is understandable, but three producers are making one hell of a case for Utah's Salt Lake City as the next emerging hub of EDM creative brilliance. Fransis Derelle, Awoltalk, and Nate Lowpass have all teamed up on a new savage single ‘Vone', and we have the privilege of bringing it to you first today.

‘Vone' takes influences from two of dance music's most popular genres. Pulling all the best aspects from house and trap, while adding in heaps of unexpected sonic elements, ‘Vone' demonstrates the most fantastic projects come when the status quo is not adhered to as a golden standard. Featuring trap elements overtop of a grinding and driving house beat creates a powerful and unexpected effect that will leave you hitting replay before the song has a chance to end.

Each of the producers on this innovative project has come into their own through the Salt Lake City music scene. They have shared stages with countless international touring acts and continued to demonstrate that production greatness can geographically come from where you might least expect it. Take a listen to ‘Vone' below and follow Fransis, Awoltalk and Nate on their social media channels below.

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