Zhao is an up and coming Los Angeles-based artist who released this bangin new electro original single entitled “Car” that has a major 80's influence on it's sound design thanks to the synthesizer work. My personal favorite part of this one is when the organ comes into play layered with upbeat funky vibes and some smooth vox. All in all this song is well worth listening to, so check out Zhao's latest after the jump and check out a quote from him under that.

“I was in Thailand with my family, and on the flight back to LA I hammered out this rough instrumental into my portable synth’s (OP-1) onboard 4-track. I ended up writing a whole new chord progression/beat to the original vocal idea, and that formed the basis for the song’s second life. Then when I got back I passed it onto my friend PJ McManus to help with the mixing and finish it off.” – Zhao