I respect Mat Zo more each day. He introduced me to a new world of dance music when he was first releasing on Anjunabeats. In a weird twist of fate, he introduced me to the label before I was even aware of Above & Beyond. Soon I started to follow Mat on social media and my appreciation grew. Mat is candid, unrelentingly honest, and powerfully transparent. In an industry which focuses so much on image, Mat has found a way to be unabashedly himself while still finding massive success.

Most recently Mat took to his socials to open up about his feelings and issues around medicating with Marijuana. While pot doesn't have any dangerous risks associated with its use – consistent use still comes with side effects. Mat explains that while on tour he is usually sleep deprived and has been smoking to help aid with a variety of symptoms.

Even when he naturally received pushback from fans for his stance Mat went on to explain that while medicinal benefits exist, so do the unfortunate side effects. Regardless if you agree with Mat on the issue, it is important to have these kinds of dialogue. The music industry has been rife with mental health and addiction issues over the last 2 years, and if we don't start talking about our problems, and listening to others…things might ultimately get worse.

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