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Electric Zoo 2018 Exclusive Interview: LUZCID

The bass music manipulator that is LUZCID has been making some big strides in the scene recently. Some of you may already be familiar with his music but if you aren't you should definitely get familiar. Throughout the years he has been releasing a ton of music and just recently started breaking into some of the biggest festivals in the world. It is no wonder he has had the support of one of bass music's biggest acts, Bassnectar.

At Ezoo last weekend I got to talk with him about what he's been up to and how he's been dealing with some of his recent success…

-Hey man! So how are you enjoying the festival?

“Yeah I love it, it's really great. I mean I'm from New York originally so anytime I get to come back here and chill with the homies is always a blessing. It feels so amazing to play in the hometown and be able to see some of my old friends.”

-So do you still live in NY?

“No, I actually live in Houston, TX right now. It's alright for the most part, but I really miss New York sometimes. I definitely feel like I'm more of a northeastern type of person.”

-How do you think your set went today?

“Everything was good, the fans were really great. I was a little worried to be honest because it was an early set, but looking up and seeing homies who have been supporting me for the past ten years was really awesome. It really is surreal because they've been with me since the very beginning when I was just making beats on garage band. I tried to play a lot of different stuff today and I felt more on the experimental side. It was one of those time slots where I felt like I could give them something different and create a more interesting or special experience.”

-Is this your first time playing at Ezoo?

“Yeah this is my first time playing here! This was also my first festival that I ever attended as a fan back in 2009. It's crazy and pretty cool that I finally got to perform here. Everything came full circle for me.”

-So tell us a little bit about the ‘COGNITION' EP and the remix EP you got coming out..

“We had that ‘COGNITION' EP that came out a couple months ago so we have a remix EP following that soon. I got a lot of homies submitting some stuff for the remix EP and also some new up and comers. I really don't want to just settle on one thing for it, if it's a good song I want it to be a part of the compilation in some shape or form. I think it's definitely going to turn out pretty cool.”

-Any tour dates set to be timed around the release of the new EP?

“Yeah I will probably be doing some tour dates in the fall. I don't know if it will be directly off the EP, but it will definitely go hand in hand with it. It's going to be cool cause I'll be going all across the nation again and seeing some dope cities.”

-What other festivals did you do this summer?

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“This summer I did both weekends of Electric Forest. That again was really huge for me, it was a festival that I've attended as a fan like 6 or 7 times so it was really crazy to be able to perform there. It was another full circle experience. I have High Caliber Music Festival coming up in Jersey at the end of this month. I also played at Valhalla this summer in Canada which was super tight.”

-So as far as sound design and production goes, what is one plug-in you always use?

“I really love Serum, I use that in basically every project. I also have recently gotten into Izotope Trash 2, I just bought it and have been experimenting with it. I definitely feel like I've been sleeping on it for awhile but its also so cool cause I feel like I've been able to push my sound so much without it over the years. So now that I have it it really opens up so many doors. I also got a modular synth about a year ago and recently have been using that for a lot of sounds in my songs.”

-Got any big collabs coming up that you can tell us about?

“Not too much in the works right now. I've got some stuff happening with Dorfex Bos though, we are going to be trading a remix off of our eps.”

-Final question, what are your thoughts on the scene in general today?

“It's really cool to see where it has gone, like if you look 5 years ago seeing what has been played on the main stages compared to today, there was definitely a more consistent sound being played. Now I feel like we're seeing a lot more variety, I feel like it's better for the fans and also the artists because its giving them an opportunity to experiment more and try different things. Like the experimental stuff I'm playing today, you couldn't really do much with it at a festival 4 or 5 years ago. Now seeing it evolve and get so popular is really amazing. It's definitely become such a forward thinking scene.”

It was truly great to be able to sit down with the man LUZCID. He's on his way to doing awesome things for the bass music scene and for music in general. Can't wait to see where he'll take his career next, and make sure to be on the lookout for his ‘COGNITION' EP which is set to be released soon!


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