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Avicii’s Family Update His Website To Become A Memory Board Which YOU Can Contribute To

It has been just over four months since Tim Berg tragically passed away. Tim, better known by his stage name, Avicii, touched millions of people all over the world and revolutionized the music industry. His fearless efforts to combine unlike genres such as dance and folk helped birth new sounds that will be utilized by artists for decades to come. His ability to craft timeless melodies helped elevate dance music to new heights, and cross over into the realm of pop.

Avicii will always be remembered. Now his family has created a way in which people all over the world can share ways that Avicii changed their life for the better. Tim's official website is But over the last few days, the site has been updated to reflect his passing. Instead of touring and music announcements, the site acts as a message board.

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It includes posts from individuals all over the world sharing their best memories of Avicii. It will give you goosebumps, as well as tears in your eyes when you pause to see just how many people Tim helped with his music. You can check out the website and post your comments here. Read some of the featured posts below.

from ERICA

Tim's music is what gave me a reason to keep on going. He had a hard time during his peak and I felt so bad to not to be able to do anything for him, so I just kept listening to his music. Tim was a sweet, sweet, man. Even though I never got the chance to meet him, he felt present. The best moment with Tim was in 2016 at WKND festival when I proudly carried my “Marry me Avicii” poster. It's a very dear memory for me. A true golden one. Thank you Tim. I hope that you found your peace. <3


Your music and the story of your life has really affected me. I listen to your music almost everyday and it makes me happy, and sad. Also very close to what is important in life. I think of your parents, as a mother to another. Sometimes the most talented souls also are the most fragile ones. Thank you for the music and the joy and power you have given to so many. All love. You will be remembered.


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Tim, your music would always make me smile. My life revolved around you. I begged Mum and Dad to see you live for your True Tour when you were in Australia. They said no. I was too young. Since then I dreamt of seeing you live one day. As my signed cap begins to fade, To Jack Avicii, each day without you gets lonelier. I will never see you live. I'll just have to keep dancing to your music when no one's watching. I love you Tim. Thanks for everything.

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