It is really hard to believe that it has already been three months since Avicii tragically passed away. During the time since his passing, we have seen dozens of inspiring and heartfelt tributes. These have ranged from flashmob style gatherings complete with acapella performances to awe-inspiring displays from the largest festival stages in the world. Many artists have even taken the time to produce new records inspired by the legacy of Avicii. Today, Arty has brought us a truly gorgeous new single in honor of Avicii, simply named ‘Tim'.

I will just say it – I love this track. While part of me was anticipating a somber, melancholy tune that was akin to the mourning process, Arty has taken an entirely different approach. ‘Tim' is a euphoric, upbeat and inspiring single. It matches the energy which Tim himself exuded in his productions and during his sets.

The track gently repeats “You Are Loved”. Which could not be more perfectly placed. While Avicii's battle with his personal demons came to a tragic end, the chorus of ‘Tim' is the most important thing we can remember about him. He is loved, always was and always will be. This is a heartfelt and personal tribute to a close friend and a beautifully thoughtful one at that. Take a listen below.

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