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Read The Harrowing Story Of How The Bunk Police Helped Save Countless Lives At Electric Forest

Here at EDM Sauce, we encourage any and all forms of harm reduction. Even as an individual in recovery, I understand the long-standing relationship between experimenting with substances and electronic music. While taking drugs always comes with an inherent level of risk, most serious consequences can be avoided with responsible practices. While drugs have always been cut with adulterants, in recent years these adulterants have gotten much more serious.

Ever since Fentanyl broke into the US market in the early 2010's, the unbelievably powerful opioid has been making headlines due to the risk of overdose it poses. While for a long time Fentanyl posed the greatest danger to heroin and opiate addicts, it has recently started to make its way into all forms of drugs as a cut product. Rapper Lil Peep accidentally overdosed when he was sold fake Xanax pills that were cut with Fentanyl, and during Electric Forest this year, cocaine laced with Fentanyl was detected by The Bunk Police.

The Bunk Police

One of the best harm reduction techniques individuals can take when using drugs is testing their supply. The Bunk Police understood this many years ago, and since then have taken on a mission to help promote responsible use through distribution and sale of drug testing kits. While many festivals work to keep the bunk police from operating due to insurance laws, as well as a general misunderstanding of their mission, the group has helped save countless lives by working to accomplish their mission under the radar.

When Fentanyl was discovered in cocaine at Electric Forest this year, The Bunk Police was on the scene and responded immediately. There is no doubt the efforts helped save countless individuals. Check out the full story below. We have received permission to use this post in this article. To learn more and support The Bunk Police visit their site here.

The Story…

Bunk Police / Fentanyl Dealer Confession / Summary from r/ElectricForest


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