Miami based artist, Mystvries has released a new single off of Bribery Corporation. As his name suggests, not much is known about the artist who pulls inspiration from the synth wave stylings of the 80's. His tracks have an engrossing quality about them. Captivating, near hypnotic arrangements, pull the listener into a trance-like state.

When listening to his work, it's clear that you are the passenger while Mystvries is in the driver seat. In his latest release with Soft Lightning, Mystvries continues his trend of forward-thinking electronic while including the perfect vocal elements to create a truly cohesive vision of a record.

Mystvries – ‘Never Know' (ft. Soft Lightning)

There has been a recent surge in popularity around the synth wave sound. Artists like Com Truise have helped put a modern twist on the decades-old practice. Shows like Stranger Things also helped bring the sound back into the mainstream consciousness. Mystvries has carried on this tradition with a style all his own.

On the surface ‘Never Know' seems like a subtle track. But as the tune progresses, a deep emotional energy begins to shine through. The haunting, ethereal vocals bleed together with the driving beat, evoking imagery of the city in the late night/early morning. When the streets are clear of chaos, and all that is left to reflect on are your thoughts. This track encapsulates an experience more complex than most albums in just under three and a half minutes. It is nothing short of masterful.

Check out the song below, and follow Mystvries on Facebook for more info on this emerging powerhouse.

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