Odesza returned for a show at Denver's iconic venue, Red Rocks last night. The show was almost a year to the date of their last performance. The now legendary duo sold out a two-night run in the venue in a matter of minutes, and this weekend they took to the stage to blow the crowd away once again.

Some fans expressed a bit of worry. Odesza has not released new music since their last stop at Red Rocks (officially at least), and understandably so, as their last album, A Moment Apart was near perfect. But this means that fans thought they might be seeing a redo of last year's performance. Naturally Odesza had some surprises up their sleeves.

Odesza – ‘IplayYouListen' (ID Remix)

Later in the set Odesza began playing their iconic track, ‘IplayYouListen' from their first LP. But quickly things changed. Harrison and Clay flipped the track for a tantalizing live remix.

Nobody was expecting this wild new edit. It sounds absolutely amazing. Now Odesza has been known to sit on these VIP mixes and not release them officially or upload them to streaming services. Many fans are still wanting their Sun Models VIP mix from last year. Will this one buck the trend? Only time will tell. Shout out to the Festival Squad for uploading this one to Facebook for the world to enjoy. Check it out below.

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