At any music festival, it's bound that something off-the-wall is going to happen. Well this time, it involves two things:

  1. alcohol-induced decisions
  2. the biggest exhaust pipe you've ever seen

Kaitlyn Strom was having a great time at the Winstock Country Music Festival in Winsted when she decided to try and fit her head into a gigantic exhaust pipe nearby.

Her head fit perfectly inside the exhaust pipe but didn't exactly want to come out. Firefighters finally freed Strom after 45 minutes using a power saw.

Getting her head stuck in the pipe wasn't the only downfall of the weekend, Strom was also cited by the local police for underage drinking and escorted from the festival once freed from the pipe.

The video of Strom's head stuck in the exhaust pipe has been viewed over 3 million times on Facebook.

See it for yourself here:

Kaitlyn Strom soon posted a picture on Snapchat and Facebook, with her head out of the exhaust pipe this time.

So, next time you think you did something a little too crazy at a festival, just think about this.