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Calvin Harris Makes An Average American’s Annual Salary In Only 3 Hours

We all knew that Calvin Harris wasn't exactly hurting in the money category. The superstar producer/DJ has been ranked EDM's #1 earner for several years in a row. With his series of hits in 2018, it doesn't seem that Calvin will be giving up that title anytime soon. Now, when we see numbers like $50 Million thrown around, it can be difficult to truly internalize how much money that really is.

Midnation has done an incredibly in-depth study of the music industries top earners and compared their salaries to the average salaries of more common Jobs. The results are actually kind of mind-boggling. Calvin Harris is literally making the average annual salary of a truck driver in the United States, every three hours. That's right, in the time it takes us to make it to our lunch breaks, Calvin has already raked in over $40K.

Other top earners on the list include Diddy who is bringing in roughly $41K every single hour. Keep in mind, this is not hours of work – this is just what they are making for existing. Music is a cutthroat industry but if you think you have what it takes, might be worth looking into getting started. Check out the masterfully crafted infographic below.

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