The Chainsmokers have been one of the most commercially successful acts in the history of dance music. The guys who broke big with their track #SELFIE cracked the code of merging dance music with pop with tracks like ‘Roses' and ‘Closer'. The duo has been busy touring the world the past 2 years or so and have had their fair share of difficulties.

These difficulties range from having their lives continuously probed by the public, as well as fans who are not pleased with the direction they decided to pursue with their music. In a way, it can be tricky to remember that The Chainsmokers are just everyday humans like you and I. Their most recent music video, for the track ‘Somebody', gives fans an in-depth look at their personal lives.

The Chainsmokers Get Vulnerable In New Music Video

The video for ‘Somebody' humanizes Alex and Drew, and reminds the world that they are just two guys doing what they love, and managing life the best they can. A tour schedule as demanding as theirs has a serious impact on health both physically and mentally. This video pulls back the curtain a bit and shows that even though they are in a new city (if not country) every day, the guys are just like the rest of us. Hanging out with friends, playing stupid games, and navigating a life under public scrutiny.

Check it out below, I know I gained a new appreciation for The Chainsmokers and you just might as well.

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