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Wolfgang Gartner Reclaims His Throne As King Of Electro With Help From JayKode – ‘The Upside Down’

It is no secret that I view Wolfgang Gartner as one of the most influential and important producers to ever hit the world of dance music. His productions were so ahead of their time that almost 10 years later their intricacy is still rarely matched. Tracks like ‘Firepower', ‘Illmerica' and ‘Undertaker' have stood the test of time as true standouts in the golden era of electro-house. If you are unfamiliar with early Wolfgang Gartner I sincerely suggest you stop reading here and take a listen.

Since that time Wolfgang has been hard at work exploring new sounds, usually with major success. His most recent LP 10 Ways To Steal Homebase was an incredible 10-track effort that was a throwback to the era of funk and disco. Now though Wolfgang has teamed up with JayKode for a true electro house show stopper, ‘The Upside Down'.

Wolfgang Gartner and Jaykode – ‘The Upside Down

The Stranger Things inspired tune is truly a return to electro glory for Wolfgang. The styles of JayKode and Wolfgang are truly a mix made in heaven. The sound design in this tune is seriously some next level stuff. Specifically, the short bit as the tension builds before the drop. The warping synths really give the listener the feeling of entering a new world. When that tension gives way things really get wild.

I am thrilled that Wolfgang is back making the music he came to glory with, and am equally as impressed with JayKode who helped instill an impressive energy into ‘The Upside Down'. Check out the track below.


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