I fancy myself to be a top-tier Deadmau5 fan, even if I think given the chance he would kick me in the balls if we ever met. The man just hates blogs but I digress. This morning Deadmau5 took to Twitter to explain why there has been a recent drought in new music from him. In the past Deadmau5 has been known for his blazing release schedule, commonly dropping several albums per year, at an almost superhuman rate of output. Yet for the entirety of 2018, we have not heard any new productions. Of course, we were able to hear the beautiful Where's The Drop LP which saw his classic works recreated by a full orchestra. But still, no new music.

Deadmau5 Drops The Details

It turns out Deadmau5 has been hard at work scoring an upcoming film. He joins the ranks Daft Punk and other high profile producers who have been fortunate enough to lend their music to major motion pictures. But this begs the question – what movie is Deadmau5 scoring?!

Redditors are hoping it is the upcoming Dune remake, but if I am being honest that seems to be a stretch. Whatever it is, we are sure it will be near unbelievable.

deadmau5 is working on a film score from r/EDM

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