EDC Las Vegas was only a week ago. While many are still processing exactly what happened underneath the electric sky, artists have already returned to grinding away on new productions and tours. One of the most exciting moments in the entire festival was when the supergroup – The Binches reunited. The group which is made up of Ookay, Dotcom, Kayzo, and Yultron took the festival by storm and closed down a stage on the final night.

While the artists made headlines when they brought “Marshmello” out during their set, they seem to be scheming up some new ideas for the project. The group consists of 4 artists who are more than capable of selling out venues alone – so to think they might all tour together is borderline unbelievable. But that is exactly what Kayzo and Ookay teased minutes ago.

The Binches Hitting THe Road?

Ookay and Kayzo tweeted out that they already missed the group's reunion under the electric sky. Then went on to suggest all the guys should hit the road together. Is this just an innocent hope? Or a tease of something to come? Well, we have no idea but the prospect is enticing. Check out the tweet below.


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