So far this week we have already heard the unlikely collaboration between Tiesto and Lil Yachty. Now it seems Steve Aoki is set on continuing the unexpected collaboration trends. His latest track with AJR and Lil Yachty is called ‘Pretender' and will defy any expectations you are currently holding. Dare I say it? I do – I really, really like this song. Steve Aoki has really hit a home run on this one. I just cannot get enough.

Steve Aoki, AJR and Lil Yachty – ‘Pretender'

When I first saw that Aoki was teaming up with Lil Yachty my mind immediately went to another EDM/rap crossover. But just as Tiesto utilized Post Malone in an intelligent way in his release this week, Steve Aoki has perfectly featured both Yachty and AJR.

The song is an upbeat, pop-centric track. It is catchy as all get out, and lyrics from AJR help elevate this tune to something far from normal. It truly seems that many of the world's most famous producers are finally learning how to properly utilize rappers in their productions. I never knew that I wanted this collaboration, but upon hearing it all I can say is that I am impressed. Steve is still continuing to explore far outside his comfort zone with new artists but finding success around every turn. Check it out below.

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