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Most Savage EDM Tweets Of The Week – May 11, 2018 Edition

Dance music has always had a reputation for having some of the most ridiculous Twitter beefs of all time. That being said we low key kind of love. There is nothing more satisfying than a reckless and savage clap back on the Twittersphere. In an attempt to capture the glory that is EDM Twitter we are bringing you a weekly series highlighting the most ridiculously savage tweets from DJs. This is our first attempt at this, but we feel that this quality entertainment absolutely needs to be shared with the world, so let's get started.

Fake Diplo Rises Again

After being suspiciously quiet on Twitter since Coachella the Diplo Parody account is at it again. This time he is bringing light to the new C

new childish gambino song is very powerful. im sure nobody is going to ruin it by making a futurebass remix

— Diplo (@_diplo_) May 9, 2018

The Chainsmokers Smoke Cheat Codes

After Cheat Codes accused The Chainsmokers of copying their signature money drop routine at a show, the ultra-popular pop crossover duo clapped back with an insane burn. Turns out a fan threw money in the air, and the picture just looks like The Chainsmokers did a cash drop.

Dillon Francis Succeeds In Self-Promo Once Again

TIDAL found itself in the midst of another controversy again this week after the streaming service was accused of falsifying play totals for Kanye West and Beyonce. Dillon Francis took the chance to remind the general public what's really important – his fire new single.

Whoever Is Running The MAD DECENT Twitter Needs A Raise

Ridiculous Twitter content has become one of the hottest trends in digital advertising lately. Most notable was the changeup when Wendy's hired a woman who was a literal Goddess of roast. Her intense clap backs became synonymous and the company quickly was reported on by all major media outlets. MAD DECENT has started to lose their minds on Twitter including random and hilarious tweets in between music promo, and fans (as well as us) are absolutely loving it.

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